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Assorted Tea Pack

Assorted Tea Pack

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Bringing boba to you! These are 3 loose leaves bag packs: black tea, thai tea, jasmine green tea bags! Great to make boba tea or served by itself! 

(12 servings)

These loose leaf tea bags are mainly used to make boba tea, since they are very dense in flavors.

They’re 4 tea bags in each pack.


- 1 (4 oz) Black Tea, tea bags (4ct)

-  1 (4 oz) Thai Tea, tea bags (4ct)

- 1 (4 oz) Jasmine Green Tea, tea bags (4ct)


Thai Tea Bags ingredients: TEA LEAVES, FD&C YELLOW #6

Classic Milk Tea Black Tea Bags ingredients: BLACK TEA

Jasmine Green Tea Bags ingredients: JASMINE GREEN TEA, JASMINE FLAVOR